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Natural Health Blueprints

Find your way to health with Natural Health Blueprints

“In my new book – Natural Health Blueprints – I propose the idea that everyone, young and old, has a Natural Health Blueprint, with which we are all capable of living a natural, healthy life.”

Everyone, young and old, has a unique Natural Health Blueprint, with which we are all capable of living a naturally healthy life. After reading this book, you will discover the three most vital ingredients to leading a good, naturally healthy life through the power of blood pressure and learn additional activities you can do to support the power of YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE.


Many people talk about blood pressure in terms of:

High blood pressure

Normal blood pressure

Low blood pressure

So, what exactly is blood pressure?

More specifically, what role does blood pressure play in our health?

Measuring Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure (BP) is the power or pressure generated by the pumping actions of the heart, also known as the heartbeat. Blood pressure generated by the heartbeat is needed to pump blood carrying air (oxygen), food (nutrition) and water (hydration) continuously, to every part of the body throughout the course of the day, 24-hours a day.

The fact of the matter is, the different blood pressure power levels (high, normal or low) are designed by nature to provide everyone with good natural health under various conditions during the course of the day.

So, how exactly does this blood pressure work?

In my new book, Natural Health Blueprints, I have outlined—in simple, non-medical terms—the role of the power of blood pressure and, the relationship between the blood pressure system and all other systems of the human body in providing everyone with good natural health.

The main purpose of this book is to lay out, in very simple terms, how you can use the power of your blood pressure to achieve and maintain good natural health at all times.

So, you may be wondering why I am writing a book about the role of the power of your blood pressure in your health. Let me provide you with a bit of background information about myself.

“There is absolutely nothing that happens to one part of your body that does not affect every other part of your body, whether you are aware of it or not.”